Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Journey Into Heavy Metal

Stay metal! Now we all know that the current trends of music right now is all about those disco-pop & those -plastic-faces-korean-pop artist. Suddenly we get bored with all those pretty looking people with those fake music, fake sound, no musicianship & the fake choreographic dances.

Then you started to get bored and head up to your mp3 player's & put in your earphones & turn on your fully loaded testosterone-driven heavy metal music. 

In my first article I'm gonna talk about my first experience in how I'm influence by those electrifying heavy metal music & passion. 

Do you remember the Transformers: The Movie 1986? I grew up with that cartoon & I gotta tell ya it's a blast! Until now the soundtracks in that movie are still playing in my mind. The movie was made in the 80's where all the good old heavy metal music was in its highest achievement so no wonder that the music incorporated was based on heavy metal music. 

One of my favorite soundtrack was title Hunger by the band called Kickaxe. The power cord, the chorus, the solos were incredible! I was hooked by the awesomeness of the music. 

Check it out! Really an awesome piece of music! http://bit.ly/LhZTYD 

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